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We believe in the power of nature…
Food that will nourish the body as well as the soul.

Her passion for food and exceptional culinary background defines Giulia Salustri as a prominent Restaurateur with over 27 years of experience.  At a young age she has observed her family in the kitchen creating dishes that delight the most demanding critic. Her global influence presents aromas and flavors from her family restaurants located in Italy and Le Colonne in St. Armand’s Circle.


Giulia created her brand which fits the lifestyle she follows. She understands the importance of serving whole foods instead of processed foods, which is how she created her concept. Having so many food allergies of her own, she has become aware of the benefits of mindful eating and healthier food options. Allergies, environments, and pesticides can create an imbalance in our bodies, so we never use any ingredients with harmful additives or preservatives, chemicals, hormones, pesticides, GMO’s or antibiotics. Food is sourced and prepared in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Since Giulia eats organic, she has decided to share her philosophy with her customers. You can feel good about eating the meal that has been prepared for you.


We truly value the local community. Ingredients from local farmers are used in many of the dishes including the seasonal recipes. Experience dishes that are gluten free, dairy free, organic, and vegan. We have created the recipes with a Chef that are monitored by a dietitian keeping you, our customer, in mind. Come to experience true Farm to Table. It will be a pleasure to serve you.